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Fathers Also Have Rights Through Complex Child Custody Matters

Child Custody Attorneys in Orlando

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Any family law disagreement can cause stress and without the representation of an experienced attorney, you may have a difficult time navigating the laws that determine custody. At Alers Law Firm, we are proud to have represented countless men throughout Orange County, FL and we always take the time to get to know each client we take on. Our Orlando child custody lawyers will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected, you are informed as and that your child’s best interests are kept in mind.

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What Factors Are Considered in Child Custody Cases?

Florida family courts do not take child custody decisions lightly and there are numerous factors that will need to be considered when determining custody of minor children. There are generally two types of custody that are granted to parents: Time-sharing responsibilities and parental responsibility. Most judges will try to equally share the responsibility and time between the two parents unless there is a major discrepancy that would deem one parent unsafe or unfit for a child.

Most factors that will be taken into consideration when determining custody include:

  • The stability of a parent’s income, job, and home environment
  • Each parent’s history of abuse, violence, or neglect, if applicable
  • The ability of each parent to adhere to a visitation schedule
  • The mental and physical health and capabilities of the parents
  • If the child is older than 12, the wishes of the child may be taken into consideration
  • The parent’s involvement with school, hobbies, and care of the child

People are quick to assume that custody will automatically be granted to the mother. However, this is not true, and we are committed to aggressively fighting for the rights of fathers and husbands whose parent-child relationships are at stake in a custody battle. Protecting your child’s safety and best interests is our number-one priority.

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Keeping the Best Interests of the Child in Mind

Courts will always look at the best interests of the child and make the decision for custody based on what situation would benefit them the greatest. Along with child custody agreements, many men find that they are now facing visitation and child support arrangements as well. Alers Law Firm is equipped to help with those cases too.

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