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Fathers Also Have Rights Through Complex Divorce Matters

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Divorce is a major event and even amicable separations can lead to confrontations. At Alers Law Firm, we are proud to provide representation to clients in Orange County, FL who are facing divorce. We work diligently to create a personalized and effective relationship between our clients and our office. Our Orlando divorce attorneys can help you dissolve your marriage, fight for personal property, custody, and support, and give you a voice in court.

If you see an end to your marriage in sight, contact Alers Law Firm at (407) 988-0992 to schedule a consultation.

Dissolving Your Marriage

When you work with our office, we will guide you throughout the course of your divorce, whether you need tips as a teen father or support as a father, we can help provide you with information and representation:

  • Child custody - We will work with you to determine who will obtain custody of the children and how visitation schedules will work for the separated parents
  • Child support - Non-custodial parents may be required to pay child support, and we can help draft support agreements as well as obtain back-owed payments
  • Spousal support - In some cases, spousal support, also known as alimony, will be allotted to one spouse after a divorce
  • Division of assets and property - Dividing property and assets through sale or direct possession can be successfully achieved with the assistance of a skilled attorney
  • Division of debts - If the couple collected joint debt throughout the marriage, they may be separated and divided to ensure that one spouse does not take on the majority of the debt

Unique Representation for Divorcing Men in Orange County

Each case is different, which is why our Orlando family lawyers will take the time to develop a personalized approach to each case. We understand that divorce can be difficult and there is no doubt that divorce is a life-changing event. We are always proud to provide the utmost attention to detail and customized representation for each case.

If you are considering divorce, or if you have been served divorce papers, call us at (407) 988-0992 and schedule a consultation.

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